Science of Diving Specialty Course

Knowledge is power!


"Having the right knowledge is just as important as the proper handling of your diving equipment!" Diving is just more fun and safer if you know more about it.

The SCIENCE OF DIVING program treats all areas of dive and gas law theory to a detailed and comprehensive manner: physics, physiology, decompression theory, marine life and diving equipment.

Whether you simply want more knowledge or plan to become a Dive Professional, Science of Diving is just what you need!

The SCIENCE OF DIVING program is a perfect "Winter Specialty", since no dives are required. If you want to know more about the dive theory, you can just buy the manual, to sign up for the course.

SOD manualCourse Content:

Underwater World
Diving Equipment
SSI Specialties are always fun and the learning of new skills to the fore. This program will be held intensive academic sessions to which you can prepare yourself well with the aid of the manual.


Guardian Scuba offers regularly scheduled The Science of Diving Courses that consist of your home study material, 4-6 hour academic session. This class is usually conducted over two evening academic sessions.

Cost: $199

The cost includes all course materials, instruction and certification card. This is also a prerequisite for going Pro at the Dive Master Level, so those of you who want to go Pro – now is the time.